Don't just tell your customers you build quality green homes. Prove it.

Why GreenPoint Rated?


GreenPoint Rated provides third-party verification of green homes. It acts as an independent seal of approval that reassures homeowners that a home is healthier, more comfortable, durable, and resource-efficient.


Few mandatory measures give builders and contractors multiple pathways to achieve above-code, high-performing homes at GreenPoint Rated certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, with additional recognition for Net Zero Energy.


Our simple application process reduces time and cost to administer. GreenPoint Rated is also run by a nonprofit whose mission is to lower the barrier to achieve a healthier and more efficient home. 


GreenPoint Rated certification can increase the value of new and existing homes. A study by UC Berkeley and UCLA shows that homes with a green label sell for an average of 9% more than a comparable home without a green label.

Leading Professionals Turn to GreenPoint Rated


Custom builders, production builders, single family and multifamily developers all use GreenPoint Rated to help them stand apart from their competition. A trusted label like GreenPoint Rated gives them a distinct marketing advantage.


General and remodeling contractors plus home performance contractors understand the benefits of green upgrades to existing homes. A GreenPoint Rated certification makes their customers happier because they know the work was done to the highest standards, and a green certification helps increase their home's value.

Local Governments

Cities and counties committed to reducing energy, water, and GHG emissions integrate GreenPoint Rated into their building ordinances and reach codes. GreenPoint Rated provides them with a plug-and-play system so they don't have to develop local green building policies from scratch. And GreenPoint Rated's simplicity and credibility is preferred by local builders and contractors.


Independent raters make the GreenPoint Rated system work. By becoming a GreenPoint Rater, professionals can work with contractors and builders to expand their businesses and help other building professionals push the envelope on green building.

Click here for a list of building professionals who are using the GreenPoint Rated system.

GreenPoint Rated's 5 Categories

Five categories simplify the benefits of green homes:

Energy Efficiency
less energy consumption, lower utility bills
Water Conservation
efficient bathroom and kitchen fixtures, low-flow drip irrigation
Indoor Air Quality
less toxic finishes, better ventilation systems
Resource Conservation
more durable materials, less maintenance
walkable neighborhoods, better quality of life