Ratings are performed by certified GreenPoint Raters, independent professionals who are trained and certified by Build It Green. The rating process is a non-invasive physical examination of building systems, structures, materials and components to assess energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource efficiency of materials and construction methods, and construction quality.*

The rater will generally engage in at least four of the five following activities during the course of project design and construction: Plan check, Rough inspection, Final inspection, Supporting documentation review, Performance testing.

* The rating process is not intended to be technically exhaustive and should not be relied upon to identify potential construction defects.
    Find a certified GreenPoint Rater and bring them in early in your design process. You can find a list of Raters through our online Certified Professionals Directory.

    Work with the Rater to review the GreenPoint Rated checklist and create a customized list of design features and construction practices for your project. The list ensures you will meet or exceed the GreenPoint Rated prerequisites and point minimums
    (see New Home or Existing Home point minimums).

    The Rater submits a project planning score sheet to Build It Green. The Rater assists the project team through the design process to ensure measures are incorporated into the plans and specifications. Allow two weeks for Build It Green's initial application review.

    The Rater coordinates with the construction team to provide third-party documentation and site verification of measures and construction practices achieved. All CALGreen and GreenPoint Rated measures must be verified by the Rater.

    The Rater compiles documentation, calculates scores, and, when the project is built and documentation completed, submits all necessary documentation to Build It Green for certification review processing. Allow four weeks for Build It Green to process final submittals and deliver your certificate.

    Build It Green mails the GreenPoint Rated certificate as instructed by the Rater. Be sure to communicate with the Rater who should receive the certificate.


Rater Fees

GreenPoint Raters work as independent contractors, setting their own rates and service packages. Contractual terms and fee structure are solely between the client and the Rater to negotiate.

Build It Green Administrative Fees

These fees help cover the administrative services provided by Build It Green. A Rater may include these fees in their service package, or may ask you to pay them directly to Build It Green. We usually recommend that the Rater pays the processing fee and handles all transactions with Build It Green on your behalf.

Current Fee Structure for Projects Submitted After August 5, 2013*

* A reissue occurs if a project has already been mailed hard copies of the certificates. Typically a reissue will occur if a Rater submits the incorrect information (e.g. mailing address not correct, project address incorrect, etc.) on the Data Collection Form

*All fees for projects submitted after August 5, 2013 will be subject to the updated fee structure.

**Expedited review fees will be in addition to any applicable project fees per the above fee structure.

**Expedited Review Fee (reduced from 15 business days to 2-3 business days, available based on BIG review capacity.)

**Expedited reviews will be available on a case-by-case basis based on the capacity of Build It Green’s Desktop Review team. To request an expedited review, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 2 business days in advance from when you would like to submit for review.