GreenPoint Rated is a program of the California non-profit Build It Green. We developed this program to help transform how homes are designed and built in California. We provide the following program support:

  • Train and certify GreenPoint Raters
  • Maintain a searchable directory of current GreenPoint Raters that is available to the public
  • Provide education and orientations for Raters, builders, contractors, local government staff, realtors, and lenders
  • Maintain forms, templates, manuals, and other resources
  • Maintain a tracking system of program activities and results, including participating projects, Raters, builders, contractors, lenders, realtors, and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate coordination and information exchange between stakeholders
  • Conduct quality assurance, including random audits of Raters and rated homes
  • Support raters and builders as needed throughout the process
  • Issue GreenPoint Rated Certificates
Program History and Development

GreenPoint Rated was launched in 2006. The rating system is based on principles of the Green Building Guidelines, first developed by Green Building in Alameda County in 2000 and continuously updated to keep up with changes in building code and the evolving green building industry.

In 2008 we introduced GreenPoint Rated Existing Home, the first rating system in the nation to address green remodels and upgrades for existing housing. As a pathway for energy and resource efficiency upgrades, the Existing Home label is now recognized in many state and local rebate programs, like Energy Upgrade California.

GreenPoint Rated´s recommended measures and performance benchmarks specifically address climate and market conditions in California. They are backed by sound building science, have been tried and tested in the field, and are recognized by third party sources, including the California Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments.

Program Updates

GreenPoint Rated Version 7.0 is in progress and will be released in mid-October 2016.

We look forward to working with you on your future GreenPoint Rated projects and shaping the future of residential green building in California by providing us with your expert input!