When it comes to energy- and resource-efficient homes, building a new one and upgrading an existing one are very different processes. That’s why we offer two different rating systems: GreenPoint Rated New Home and GreenPoint Rated Existing Home. These two systems are customized for single family or multi-family projects.

Why is GreenPoint Rated divided into New Home and Existing Home?

Energy Performance: Older homes use more energy than new homes, so they have different energy performance improvement targets.

Health and Safety: GreenPoint Rated Existing Home ensures that older homes meet basic health and safety requirements that are automatically assumed in new construction, such as well-installed windows and siding, no leaks in the plumbing, and no holes in the building exterior.

Point Allocation: A major objective of the Existing Home rating system is to educate and provide a pathway for making continued improvements, so it awards points for partial improvements, like a bathroom upgrade. The New Home system requires green building best practices throughout the entire home.

Learn About GreenPoint Rated’s Two Systems: