GreenPoint Rated


Why Greenpoint Rated?

GreenPoint Rated is a credible and accessible pathway to ensure you have the elements of a sustainable, efficient, and healthier home. 


GreenPoint Rated provides third-party verification of green homes. It acts as an independent seal of approval that reassures homeowners that a home is healthier, more comfortable, durable, and resource-efficient.


Few mandatory measures give builders and contractors multiple pathways to achieve above-code, high-performing homes at GreenPoint Rated certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, with additional recognition for Low Carbon Homes.


Our simple application process reduces time and cost to administer. GreenPoint Rated is also run by a nonprofit whose mission is to lower the barrier to achieve a healthier and more efficient home. 


GreenPoint Rated certification can increase the value of new and existing homes. A study by UC Berkeley and UCLA shows that homes with a green label sell for an average of 9% more than a comparable home without a green label.

GreenPoint Rated Categories

Five categories simplify the benefits of green homes.
  • Indoor Air Quality / Health

    According to the EPA, the air in new homes can be ten times more polluted than outdoor air. Children are particularly vulnerable to indoor air pollution. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, 40 percent of children will develop respiratory disease in part due to the presence of chemicals in their homes.

    Commonly used adhesives, paints, and floor finishes contain compounds that are known to cause cancer or trigger asthma. In older homes, poor ventilation can also lead to excessive dust and mold, resulting in adverse health effects. GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 10 percent of its points to Indoor Air Quality. Strategies to improve air quality inside the home include less toxic finishes, and better ventilation systems.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficient homes are less drafty, quieter, and have lower utility bills than conventionally built homes. By making your home more energy efficient, you’ll also lower your demand on the power grid and reduce your home’s impact on climate change.

    It’s more affordable than ever to make your home more energy efficient. If you’re planning an energy upgrade, visit to learn more about available rebates and incentives in your area.

    GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 50 percent of its points to Energy Efficiency. The top point-earning measures in this category include energy performance improvements like air sealing and insulation, windows, tight air ducts, high efficiency furnaces and water heaters, and programmable thermostats.

  • Water Conservation

    As droughts continue to plague California, fresh water is becoming more precious and water bills are on the rise. Less water to irrigate farmland means possible spikes in food prices. Rivers and reservoirs are shrinking, impacting our ability to enjoy water-based activities like fishing or boating.

    By conserving water in your home, you can reduce pressure on our water supply and save money on your bills and at the market, all while preserving your favorite recreation spots. When you reduce your hot water usage, you’ll even save money on your energy bill.

    GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 15 percent of its points to Water Conservation. The top point-earning measures in this category include: resource-efficient, native plants, low-flow toilets, and faucets.

  • Resource Conservation

    Using less lumber and reusing existing materials helps lower up-front costs. And because green materials often surpass conventional materials in quality and durability, they can save you money on maintenance costs as well. For example, decking materials made of recycled plastic mixed with wood waste fibers can last up to five times longer than wood decking, and never need to be treated or painted.

    In addition to saving you money, GreenPoint Rated ensures that your home construction is environmentally friendly. GreenPoint Rated homes use recycled materials wherever possible, keeping waste out of landfills and protecting our forests for future generations.

    GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 15 percent of its points to Resource Conservation. 

  • Community

    Livable communities enhance quality of life while reducing impact on the environment. Well-designed communities are clustered to help preserve open space for recreation, views, and natural habitats. Pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods provide opportunities for exercising and meeting neighbors.

    High-density areas where work, shopping, and school are all close by means less time driving, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

    GreenPoint Rated allocates an average of 5 percent of its points to livable community features. These include using infill sites, compact development, pedestrian and bicycle access. 

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Why GreenPoint Rated?

Why GreenPoint Rated?

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How it works

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